Ramez, founder of Brainspiration™ sadly passed away in September of '21. He lived a short life, but he lived it to its fullest. He never did anything half measure and was definitely one of a kind. He didn't care much for material things. Instead, Ramez was all about experiences and making memories. He was always travelling the world, following his heart and chasing his dreams.

Ramez was always the life of the party and always tried to lift people up. He dreamt of making a positive difference in the world, even in the smallest of ways. He aimed to inspire people through art and that's what Brainspiration is all about. He definitely inspired anybody who crossed paths with him. Ramez was working on some new artworks with a plan to build a new website and re-launch Brainspiration in 2022 but unfortunately, his life got cut short before he could made that happen.

Ramez's family is here to finish what he started by continuing his legacy of making a positive impact on the world and inspiring people, one piece of art at a time. 100% of profits made from Brainspiration sales will go towards bringing joy, hope and happiness to those who may need it a little extra.

We'll be visiting children's hospitals with the aim of bringing smiles to all sick children and children with disabilities. We'll be giving gifts, inspirational artworks from Brainspiration, any items they may need or want and simply just company and positive vibes.

We want to make a real change and help anyone who may be going through a hard time - physically and or mentally. Thank you advance for supporting a good cause and we're looking forward to bringing joy to anyone who may need it.

Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way.

Alan Watts